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Meat Department

  • beef_brisket_corned_flat_2_bgd.jpg
  • beef_ground_burger_16_bgd.jpg
  • beef_ground_burger_7_bgd.jpg
  • beef_ground_meatballs_pasta_bgd.jpg
  • beef_ground_pizza_bgd.jpg
  • beef_ground_tacos2_bgd.jpg
  • beef_kabob_ppr.jpg
  • beef_roast_arm_6_bgd.jpg
  • beef_roast_chucktender_steak_bgd.jpg
  • beef_roast_rib_standing_bnls_2_bgd.jpg
  • beef_steak_arm_2_bgd.jpg
  • beef_steak_cube_3_bgd.jpg
  • beef_steak_flt_bcn_3.jpg
  • beef_steak_grill_1_bgd.jpg
  • beef_steak_ribeye_4_bgd.jpg
  • beef_steak_ribeye_lobster_3_bgd.jpg
  • brats_cooked_6_bgd.jpg
  • chicken-on-a-stick.jpg
  • ckn_brst_bnls_sknls_9_bgd.jpg
  • ckn_legs_2_bgd.jpg
  • ckn_strips_1_bgd.jpg
  • ckn_tndrs_2_bgd.jpg
  • ckn_whole_fryer_5_bgd.jpg
  • kabobs_ckn_5_bgd.jpg
  • lamb_leg_bnin_5_bgd.jpg
  • pork_bacon_blt_3_bgd.jpg
  • pork_chop_bnin_cntrct_3_bgd.jpg
  • pork_chop_bnls_cntrct_1_bgd.jpg
  • pork_feet_1_bgd.jpg
  • pork_ham_bnls_prem_7_bgd.jpg
  • pork_ham_spiral_10_bgd.jpg
  • pork_ribs_babyback_1_bgd.jpg
  • pork_ribs_steak_cntrystyl_2_bgd.jpg
  • pork_sausage_links_3_bgd.jpg
  • tenderloin_filet_v3.FIN.jpg
  • TopSirloinSteak_CaesarSal.jpg

Murfin’s Meat department specializes in the highest quality meats in the area. Chuck Murfin, Sr. was trained as a Meat cutter in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1960’s, and has used his background to emphasize the importance of a top-notch meat department. We proudly feature some of the finest Meats: Angus Pride Beef, Tender Choice Pork, Smart Chicken, Creekstone All Natural Beef, Farmland All Natural Pork. Murfin’s Meat cutters are on duty 7 days a week to cut and grind your selections fresh every day. Need a custom cut, or have questions on how to prepare that special roast? Murfin’s Meat Cutters are always ready to provide you with the help you need every day of the week.
Murfin’s Market is a full service, family owned and operated grocery store with four locations to serve you in Ozark, Willard, Marionville and Clever, MO. Murfin’s proudly offers the finest quality meats, farm fresh produce and unbeatable savings with our weekly Murfin’s Dollar Specials.
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